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Range Rant

This might upset some people but I wanted to get it off my chest.

We as shooters/gun owners need to clean up our act.

To often at the ranges I visit I see people dressed in military clothes, those tee shirts without arms, covered in the "cold dead fingers" kind of slogans, dirty jeans and general poor personnal hygiene. This reflects badly on the majority of gun owners who are not like this.

Recently a local TV station did a piece on CCW in our state and visited a range that I was at with a couple of my friends. We had just come from the office and where dressed in pants, polo shirts, jackets, basic business casual. Also at the range were a bunch of people as described above. Guess who made it onto the local news, not us, but they showed a couple of guys, torn jeans, shirts with the stupid slogans, long hair, baseball caps firing large calibre hand guns.

Needless to say the news portrayed people who are interested in guns and/or CCW as low income, uneducated trash.

Its unfortunate that we are always portrayed in this manner, most of my fiends shoot and have CCW and do fall into this stero type.

It also puts off a lot of people who might be interested in shooting but have been put off when they turn up at a range.

I think someone, wish I had the money, would make a fortune if they opened a up market, clean, family orientated range.

Sorry for the rant.
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