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Another highpower tip

When you're on the 600 yard line and its hot, and you're tired, and you're sweating like mad in your coat, and the sweatband is the only thing that's keeping the sweat from filling your rear sight, and you start thinking about taking a shot when its not perfect just to get it over with, DON'T. NEVER, EVER, EVER give up...never accept less than perfection. There's so much time, take a break if you have to. WATCH THE WIND. Don't ALLOW your fatigue to keep you from watching the conditions and adjusting. There's an Eminem song that's kinda given me some support (I know!) called "Till I Collapse." That's the way I go into it now. I am going to give 100% until I absolutely collapse. Yes, that level of intensity IS least for me.

Poodleshooter, I'm glad to see you're doing well enough to feel that way about your sighters. That confidence in hold and zero is required when you start shooting leg matches (obviously you'll have some sight changes at distance, but the confidence should still be there once you prove it to yourself.) Use those reduced course sighters for squaring up your X hold.
Favor the X.

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