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last few highpower matches.

#1 take your time
#2 relax
#3 tell that monkey in my head not to pull the trigger just because its close enough
#4 never give up just because I shoot a lousy 90 or 91 in off hand does not mean I have to lose any more points, never ever give up.
#5 and the most important stop making silly mistakes!

but still learning and trying to learn what happens in trying new things. been trying canting my rifle in off hand and been losing 3 or 4 shots out at 9 o'clock becuse of the cant but trying a few things and changing my position trying to improve. its getting better. oh and keep losing 1 to 3 points in my rapid sitting because of trying new positions but also think I found what I was looking for. wanting to change my prone sling position but do not want to mess with to much all at one time so will just have to play with the first two a little more.
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