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If the previous post was for me, I believe you misunderstood my question. I absolutely believe you are correct about not using abrasives. My question was on the effects of rounded rifling on accuracy. Since the rifling is there to impart an angular velocity to a bullet, I was wondering if you had done any experiments with sharp vs. rounded rifling to see how much it affected the accuracy and any theories on why it affected it. My comment on the tornado (SS) brushes shows that we are of a like mind on this. My theory is that, as you hinted at, the use of abrasives near the muzzle create imperfections in the roundness of the bore and greatly affect the bullet as it leaves the muzzle. Since it is almost impossible for a human to impart the same cleaning action on the entire inside diameter of the muzzle evenly, they can ruin the muzzle very quickly. Any imperfections in this area, no matter how minute, can affect accuracy. Using any harsh cleaning methods can cause these imperfections.
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