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Three basic categories.

"Target" revolver.
"Target" pistol.
"Distinguished", which is duty gun in original configuration except for grips and "smoothing" work. External appearance has to be stock.

Most target revolvers are S&W K-frames with 6" bull barrels, pre-set sights (intantly adjustable for 15, 25 and 50 yards.) Much trigger work.
One sees some Pythons and Rugers. An occational L (or N) frame.

Most target pistols are 1911s in some racegun configuration. I know of one S&W M52 with magazines altered to take six rounds.

Distinguished guns are either duty guns or 6 inch stock Smiths; seems to be even between K and L. I haven't seen a Colt revolver as a distinguished gun... could be some.

Shoot each position individually.
At 50 yards, one must fire 6 rounds seated, 6 rounds prone, 6 rounds left hand barricade and 6 rounds right hand barricade.
So fire two or three cylinders from the seated position and check your target. Do separate targets for the other positions (prone, lh and rh.) Check your groups and see what sight adjustments and alterations you have to make. And what you have to practise most.
Same for 25 yards.
Get sighted in well.

Do a match. Make notes to yourself.

There are probably some books on PPC, but I don't know of any titles.
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