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At the yearly night IDPA match last night:

- Have a sturdy flashlight. Get a good one, a Surefire or Scorpion is probably best. Sturdiness, reliability, and focused brightness are paramount. Work flashlight manipulation into your dryfire routine.

- Luminescent night sights are an absolute 100% requirement on a defensive pistol. A flashlight alone won't cut it, because that flashlight won't illuminate your sights. There are many occasions where there will be enough ambient light to identify a target as a threat, but not enough to see your sights. Which leads into the next thing...

- If you can't (or won't) use your sights, don't expect to hit anything. Point shooting at anything past twice arms length is gun-rag BS.

Most important...

- Take a notebook to your next match. During breaks or between stages, think about your performance. Write down your thoughts. Take notes, and study them afterwards.

- Chris
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