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Welcome to the club. My first plate match went something like that. Cleaned the rack in 45sec with many-many rounds every string. After I showed clear and re-holstered my mentor had a few inspirational words punctuated with the occasional good-natured-thump to the head. Something along the lines of "Ya gotta hit 'em for it to count. You spent too much money on ammo."

I was convinced after that the secret is to hit the plate then move to the next. Went into "bullseye mode" at the next match, took me ~2 seconds per plate but each string was right at 13 seconds. My Yoda bought me a Dr.Pepper and asked me why I watched each plate fall. "Sight alignment, trigger control and the plate will go over. You're wasting time BETWEEN the plates."

Over a few more matches my times slowly decreased. Then I put together 6 second strings. Wasn't doing anything different just smoother. Several other shooters noted my improvement. I bought Yoda a Coke that night.

Have Fun.

p.s. The last pin was not mocking, it was DODGING.
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