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Range report.

Number 6

Sounds like a good idea. But after last night I know I have a long way to go.

Pistol- Colt Combat Commander Matte stainless 45acp (stock) Well I put some bright orange nail polish on the front post.

Round 1
9 rounds 19.4 sec. (thought hey I can do this. Big mistake.)

Round 2
? rounds 24.56 sec.

Round 3
? rounds DNF (that will be the last time I use moly-lube at a match)

Round 4
? rounds 44.? sec. (about 2.5 mags worth I think)

Round 5
21 rounds DNF (cleared 4 pins with 6 rounds and shot 15 at the last pin.) I swear that last pin was mocking me.
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