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Welcome to CMP

DCM/CMP is one of the best practices for hunting, besides being a great game. My wife and I shoot a match every weekend and you will meet some of the nicest people shooting.
We started out on a budget. I started with an old DCM Garand.
Now my wife shoots the Garand. I shoot either an AR-15 or TRW M14. I bought my wife a Bushmaster CMP AR but she likes the Garand.
You can usually pick up some good used equipment here and other boards on the net. For the last year I have bought all my ammo over the net. Places like:
I have found if you shoot 100yd or 200yd matches the surplus ammo works acceptable and is easy on the budget.
Things like mats and shooting jackets and other things can be had at places like:
(USMC Shooting Jackets)
Also the are a lot of good books to help you get started.
Good luck with your shooting
I hope you decide to stay with it
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