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Newbe 3 gun questions

I am trying to get ready for my first IPSC 3 gun match. What I have is a Bushmaster A-15 (A-3 shorty) with 1 10rd mag and 4 30rd mags. As for the SG all I have is a Mossberg (Mavrick 88) pump shotgun. I can only hold 5 in the magazine. I do have a SA 1911 but its in the shop so I'll be using a 9mm production pistol. Can I use the guns I have listed for the match? I do have a 18" & 28" barrel for the SG, which one is best? From other posts I saw I'll try either 4 or 6 shot. I have heard of other people talk about speed loaders for SG's that hold 6 rds. will they work for pump SG's? Is there a inexpensive mag pouch for .223 30rd mags to go on a 1 3/4" belt that someone can suggest? Is there anything else that I could use that I havent listed? ANY help would be appreceiated!

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