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Rich Lucibella
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You have to understand the logistics involved in what you're asking. We're a Magazine, not a Newspaper or a weekly. The lead time is enormous...Feb 2003 is already set and the deadline for March articles is passed.....these issues are not worked on in series but in tandem.

Were we to make this decision Today, and put the word out, you're looking at the June/July 2003 issue at minimum. Then combine with the fact that we have to actually sell the issues we put we need to recognize that we're a commercial venture, each issue of which is a huge financial gamble.

What you're asking is for a "vanity" issue of S.W.A.T. . Not necessarily a bad issue (I think it would be great), but an issue that is geared to a relatively small (commercial market).

Tell you what we'll do. If you raise $50K for that issue (I'm serious here), we'll kick in the additional $20-$30K and we'll dedicate every dollar of newsstand, advertising and subscription sales for that period to repayment and profit for the "investors". I assure you, you'll loose money. But so will we. I'm willing to accept that loss as long as I have partners.

What say you now?
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