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The Marksman on 29th has several Glocks, S&W revolvers in .38 and .357, a couple of HK's and a 1911 or two. They also sell reloaded ammo for shooting. Not much in the box ammo but they have some. Nice place to shoot, offers alot of classes and the guys there are very professional. They have handled a couple of transfers for me as well.

Jensens/AZ Sportsmans rents handguns as well on Prince but I havent been there yet.

Have found good deals at West of Pecos Guns on Pima as well as Cashbox Pawn on Craycroft between 29th and Golf links. Jensens have quite a bit of handguns to choose from but the prices are getting up there. Alot of gun shows to go to also. Do a search on the internet for Tucson Gun shows and you can get a schedule for the shows pretty easy. Thats where I find the best deals. The one at the Convention center is the best of the two. The other is at the Fairgrounds.

I will be back in Tucson on 16 Nov for midtour so if you still need help or have any questions PM me and maybe we can hook up when im back. Will be glad to help in any way I can.
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