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New Castle, as in Pennsylvania....

The dealer I and Marcus were referring to is located in New Castle, PA. This is located approx. 4 miles from the PA/OH border. Nice bus ride if you want to take a very long nap or really test your spouse's love by asking them to share the drive.

Ray 3rd,
Yes, I've heard of the type of turkey shoot you mentioned, but I've also seen(I'll admit that I not good enough) archers shoot at LIVE turkey's heads for their turkey shoot. Don't remember the distance, but it was a bit out there. I also thought it made a nice teaser to ask!

David Park,
Nah, lets give Soda a rest... we'll get the actor that played Fraser on Cheers for the Snipe hunt(now, does anyone remember that one... or was that an eldritch?!?).

BTW, please excuse the horrible spelling on the previous post, asit was done in "drive by" style. Later!
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