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IDPA - Why are the tough shots easy, and the easy shots all over the place?

Got back from my second IDPA local match on Saturday and did my own little AAR on my performance... besides the obvious "I need to get out and practice more", I realized that on the tough shots, I did great, but on the easy shots I was all over the place. That has me really puzzled.

For example, on shots where there was a shoot right behind a don't shoot, each on had hits in the exact center of where I was aiming. Two to the head, within 1", two to the COM, within 1". Even if the COM was literally half covered by the don't shoot target, my shots were in the visible portion, well grouped.

Yet, on the targets that were next to each other, without obstructions, in relatively easy locations, I was all over the place. Shoulder, head graze, groin, whereever.

I'm probably rushing my shots on the easy targets. Somehow I think I'm focusing on the target instead of the front sight. I dunno. Do I need some one on one time with a trainer?

Man, I wish there was an IDPA style range in Jax where I could go nightly to work on my skills.

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