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No DOH, just show...

That's gone'a be a long ride, as New Castle is just this side of Ohio.... I know as I was there once as a youngster. that was one very long bus ride to a tournament.

Ray's a pretty good gut to deal with and he'll probably be back at the Forge show in December. If you really want the 1006, set the deal up via phone and do the transfer when he's here in December (if he's coming). Better than the drive, IMHO.

Hey Jerseites! Are you talking about a LIVE turkey shoot?!? OOOOHH, if so are you a blood thirsty bunch (after my own heart). If so, who's going to pluck the feathery beasty's after they've been done in? An exploding turkey head is just a little better than an exploding cantelope(but not very PC in today's world).

Until next time!
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