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Thanks to Soda & All....

Including those from NJ....

Seriously though, I had a great time and regret not having arrived earlier than when I did (approx. 12:30).

We may kid the NJ shooters about what they have to go through, but I hand it to them with the determination to do so and still maintain a positive attitude. Good show to them and I hope they manage to "convert" enough leftist/socialist liberals, one-at-a-time, until the tide turns. Takes guts and determination!

More on the invite from the NJ crew, if I were to attend the NJ TFL shoot in March, you have to let me (and everyone else) know when the shoot is scheduled. I say this, as after God, Family, Country, a little farther down the list comes IDPA and most places I shoot matches at start in March. I would like to see if I could shoehorn the NJ TFL shoot in there.

Hey Marcus, you wouldn't happen to be another 10mm afficianado would you? The crispy S&W 1006 you're talking about wouldn't have happened to have been at Ray Ciampoli's table, would it? I made the Forge show on Sunday and Ray had a very nice, clean & crispy looking 1006. Price to me was $439 (no, I didn't buy it, read on). BTW, if you would've made the shoot, you could've shot my S&W 1066 (or any one of the 9 other pistols I brought with).

I made the show at the Forge today. I only managed to get there at about 1:30, but scanned the tables bretty well. H&H Shooting Supplies had the new Glock G20 I was looking for. Traded the new Taurus PT940 I had (don't ask, to long to explain here) and added some change. Now I've got another 10mm to play with.

To Dot_mdb: Sorry we ran out of time and you didn't get to try out my CZ452 .22 magnum, to compare to your 452 RF. Next time! Also, hope the Dillon issue gets cleared up for you.

I hadn't shot that many wheel guns (revolvers) in quite awhile. Nice to have the chance to experience the "other" side of handgunning again though!

Next time, maybe I'll bring the Garand. Nothing like hearing the "ping" of the enbloc clip as the last round goes down range.

Last thing. Soda, would the management at W&W be adverse to reactive targets... say, old produce. I ask, as it's nice to see what you can do on paper (the excitement goes away after the 10th or 11th 1" group at 100yds. though), but you can't beat a reactive target for fun at an informal shoot. Old produce (organges, grapefruits, cantelopes, etc.) are nice to use, as the can be discarded for the local fauna to dipose of and are cheap to aquire. Most stores just through away the stuff that is out-of-date and couldn't be sold. Just a thought.

Well, that's all for now. See you all next time.
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