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I did not revisit this subject, but received an e-mail that it was "kicked back up."

Art Eatman - No. We got behind and have now stopped excepting work until we get caught up. The great major majority of our customers have been decent, understanding, etc. about the reason for the delay. Since this post I did return his rifle and he posted at a different location that he was "happy."

LawDog - No. I questioned the indecent action of posting private e-mail that was noted to be considered private during its exchange. Its a ethic and moral question. Personally, I'm not the type that would do such actions. As I said, we got behind, any good professional smith does for whatever reason. We did what was needed to remedy the situation and gave him more than what he paid for. What else could possibily be done???

To show the true intend of the individual, after posting the link above, he has sent threats to us, has had repeated posts deleted at subguns, and other boards as well. The intent was NOT to find a solution and remedy it, rather his intent was to attack, punish, and make personal attacks. That is something no other board has allowed, accept this one. I'm actually amazed that this place does allow it.

eap - Good example. You hide behind a nickname and hidden e-mail address. From the information I have seen, I don't even know you. Please be manly and identify yourself as the rules of any board like this should require you to do.

The problem here is that I ran late due to a family medical situation. Show me a professional, known gunsmith that hasn't at some time. Well over 95% of our customers have been understanding, decent, mature, etc. There is not a question at all about our work being top notch. (even demming stated that.)

Personal attacks (i.e. eap,) accusations without actual proof, and etc. should not be allowed. If they are, then you can logically only believe a small amount of what you read... in affect a person or business can be "convicted" for what amounts to lies, opinion, assumptions, and etc. That's not exactly correct. We are very busy and I will not be able to respond again. If you have any questions please e-mail and I would be happy to respond. Thanks.
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