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Put 60 rounds through it before I started getting sloppy. Not sure if it was the bruise that was developing on my cheek or my wife's voice ringing in my head. Thanks much for helping me to get it set up. Probably need another day to get it totally dialed in.
Yes, the Luger was the hit. I won't mention who's it was just in case the German's family is lurking. Hey, that was almost 60 years ago.
And thanks again for the time behind some of the weapons. I may do the unthinkable and get me one of them Glocks. The P32 is a no-brainer as it shot REAL well. And now I know the deal with custom .45's and it's quite a deal. I just have to up my purchase permit application a bit, but I think that I've convinced my local police that I'm a good guy as there's fewer unmarked cars going by my house now. I know that most of you don't even have the "permit to purchase" process so don't even ****** start. Plus, all of the anti-gunners know that they can come over my house and be safe when the SHTF in exchange for an off-road jaunt in their BMW sport utes.
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