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It was a great event. Wonderful people and fun times. Ankle Pocket will soon be getting at least one Keltec P32 I think (and thanks for that AP once again).

I had wanted to see the Bersa .380, which I did!!!

I had wanted to shoot one of those $1,000 ++ Wilson Combat .45s which I did!!! By the way it shot BEST for me with the Wolf ammo.

I got to see a Papoose!!! Plan to order one this week.

It was certainly a good time and great to see and meet all you fine folks. And, thanks a bunch to all of you who let me try out some of your EXPENSIVE guns. Most of mine are the Commie guns which cost me about the same as some others spend on a few boxes of ammo!

Soda, I think we are slowly turning Matthew into a 'rifle shooter!

I hope to see you all again soon and for those of you who missed the shoot and dinner... DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN... You SHOULD already be sorry.
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