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I'm going back tomorrow to finish shooting. I don't know if any of you noticed, but I was getting some "schooling" in shooting my Winchester Model 70, 30/06 for the first time. I shot the best I've ever shot with my Colt 1991A1. I pretty much shot out the bullseye for the fist time.

My AR didn't jam up on any of my reloads anymore. Looks like I got that whole deal straightened out.

I picked up 500rds of 7.62x39 that I never got around to shoot.

I was glad my friend "Bob" showed up. He hasn't shot a gun since he was 12yrs old. He's 28yrs old now. Anyone want to guess how many guns he owns 2yrs from now.

Everyone loves that Beretta.

I believe the head count was 11 TFL members and 4 guests. That's two more than the last shoot.

Too bad "Marcus" didn't make it. He had a bunch of neat stuff last time. Where was ya, Marcus?

I got to try out a Daiwoo and AUG for the first time. That Daiwoo had a better stock than any M4 I've shot. A much better fit and fell if ya ask me.

Did anyone else try out the AUG???? I loved the sights on that thing. The trigger felt weird, but the gun was fun to shoot.
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