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With that 8 grains of bismuth up front, the FN 303 is no toy for paint ball games. Stick with that fancy one that George point out. Hey George, where can I get it for?

While it does have the range over the regular paintballs (it's smoothbore v. rifles all over again), another advantage of the FN 303 is that it can be mounted on the AR-15 so that the designated "less-lethal" officer can resort to lethal force without transitioning to a deadly weapon. Normally, the "less-lethal" officer must be backed up by a lethal force officer in case the target is so impolite as to respond to being shot with less-lethal by charging the less lethal officer. The back-up, lethal officer, steps up and intervenes with deadly force. Now, with the FN-303 on the AR, the less lethal officer moves his hand back to the AR grip and flips the safety and "bang bang!" More options, less time.

For the $ though, I'd go with paintball and back the less lethal officer up with an AR or shotgun. That FN is nice, but $$$.
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