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Well I hope you make it next time, JMLV!

Ok, I got the non-members fee down to $15. Make sure you tell them you are from "The Firing Line."

Once you make the turn from the second traffic light off of 663 (you should see a "Marshall's lawn and garden center on your right and a "Lighthouse Tabernacle" church to your left. Once you make the right had turn off of 663, it is 1.7 miles until you see the "engraved stone with Water and Wings" on it. There are also two signs on either side of the stone for local politicians running for election.

After you make the turn to the right of the stone you are on "Janes Lane" and proceed until you see the big barn building off to your right. It is best if you go past the building and enter where the "rifle range" entrance is (behind the building).
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