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If anyone wants my cell phone number Email or PM me.

Also, I'll be around setting up near the pistol range between 9-10am so you can meet me there. Everyone must register inside the building before you shoot. Please tell them that you are there from "The Firing Line" so they can keep account of how many of us are there. If we get 20 or more people there we can get hopefully get a discount on the $20 registry. I'm still trying to see if I can just pay for renting the range up front and then just split it between all of us. Defanitely a price break if that happens.

It looks like I may have 6 friends and family going, plus 15-25 TFL members.

Anyone have any questions?

Does anyone know what the weather people are saying? I heard the Storm looks like its going to stay to the West of us.
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