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I'm bringing everything I got, so everyone is urged to SHOW YOUR STUFF!!!

I'm bringing:

1)Taurus 38 Special
2)Colt 1991A1
3)Beretta 92FS
4)Ruger Single Six

5)Ruger Mini 14
6)Russian SKS
8)Bushmaster XM15E2
9)Marlin Model 882
10)Winchester Model 70
11)Ruger 10/22
12)Remington 870
13)Marlin 16gauge O/U

And lots and lots of bang pills.

It looks like there may be a quite a few new shooters coming to the event.

Also, I just want everyone to be aware of the fact (and I'll remind everyone when we are there) some people at the pistol range have a bad habit of not paying attention to the "cease fire rules" at the rifle range. IF SOMEONE CALLS A CEASE FIRE AT THE RIFLE RANGE, YOU CEASE FIRE AT THE PISTOL RANGE!

It is difficult to see the rifle range from the pistol range and many people fail to realize that directly behind the pistol range is the 300-500yd range.

Please be aware of the rules at the club and take your time to read everything.

For any of the newbies, I'll point out some other stuff when I'm there.

Don't hold your rifles up in the air during lightning storms either.
Find out about Gun Shows and Training activities.
Get your gun club involved!!
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