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Take a Navy SEAL with a flintlock Brown Bess, and put him up against that guy who thinks he can purchase skill with an M-4. Who do you think would win?

It's the shooter not the gear, though having the good gear does help.

When I took Dynamic Tactics with Andy Stanford back in June, there was about a dozen Glocks, one Sig, I think an S&W Third Gen, and a guy with a STI Infinity (1911 worth about $3,000), who used to shoot IPSC quite well, but got into the defensive mindset. He didn't buy the gun, it was given to him to pay a fee, so I don't hold it against him, but in three days and among thousands of rounds, the only jam I saw was with his 1911, and it was a double-feed with a stuck mag. So much for buying the best eh?
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