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The reason you drink real coffee instead of instant is so you have all those empty cans in which to soak or wash parts. I thought everybody knew that.
Some problems Art;

1. I don't drink coffee. It tears my insides up something fierce.

2. As to everybody Knowing? something, well I look on that like I used to look on the people who would check 480vac circuits using their bare hands. Yes, IF you know what you are doing you can do it. However, if you make a mistake your room for manuver is reeeal limited. Using gasoline is in the same area in that you are not allowed much for mistakes.

Please, don't take this personally, but as we have gotten older in our uses of the products of technology we have killed and maimed a whole bunch of people finding out what should not be done. Let's not let their sacrifices be in vain.
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