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If there is any sort of competent gunsmith around your area, it should be quite easy for him to disassemble the bolt and clean it. He can readily judge whether factory help is needed.

The pin should retract when the bolt is opened; you can safely do this with no round in the chamber. (Close bolt on empty chamber; pull trigger; open bolt. Remove bolt. Examine.) You might soak the bolt overnight in a pan of gasoline and try this again.

Guessing at possible causes: Either a broken firing pin; a broken firing pin spring that has jammed the pin, or a bit of grunge buildup inside the bolt and maybe some rust which has frozen the pin in place. Or maybe some doofus disassembled the bolt and goofed on reassembly, somehow. Dunno.

If a soak in a solvent doesn't help, see a gunsmith.

, Art
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