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Ruger M77 Won't Chamber

Let me start by saying that this isn't my rifle, and I don't know a thing about M77's other than it's a bolt-action rifle.

My coworker bought a used M77 in 7mm Remington Magnum this past weekend, and when he chambers a round the bolt handle won't go down, it only slides forward to the point where it should pivot. Upon closer inspection after we removed the bolt, it seems that the pin on the face of the bolt is frozen and won't move.

My questions are is this common on the M77, and how do you disassemble the bolt to clean it and check it out? If it's not an easy fix, then he'll turn the gun back in and get a new one, but it's in such nice shape that he'd like to keep it so if a quick cleaning and lubrication would fix it, it sounds like a worthwhile project.

By the way, yes, we triple-checked ammunition versus chambering on the rifle... Thanks in advance for information.
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