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ray's has some issues. My main gripe about them is price, I know it'
s a bitch doing business in this state, but others seem to do it at more reasonable prices.

As for the folks behind the counter, they are a mixed bag. If you put up with them long enough to figure out their personalities a bit you can get by. The difficulty is, the behavior one clerk wants out of a customer is likely to get you a cold shoulder from another clerk.

However, at this point, I have to say that most gun stores with a decent stock (and even most without) seem to be seriously overpriced, and REALLY uncooperative if what you want to buy isn't on their shelves. I've also noticed a general propensity towards being condescending and snappy.

At this point, I have found myself a pleasant and reasonably priced FFL holder who will gladly do transfers and doesn't take it personally if you buy from someone who does have it in stock when his distributor doesn't and doesn't care if you are or are not buying one of his pet firearms. he isn't a fountain of firearms knowledge, but heck that's why I come here.

I occasionally buy some accesories from ray's simpley because I DO sometimes go there to fondle things before I buy them. Also because of that, if a friend MUST have something RIGHT NOW and is willing to pay the right now tax, I'll usually walk them through the ray's hassle.
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