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PRNJ: Sportsmen's Center si! Ray's, no!

At the end of last week, I set out with the ausweise from the PRNJ politburo in hand to negotiate the purchase of a new Ruger MKII target gun. I'd done some shopping and was still on the fence about the Slabside vs. the 6 7/8" Target, and thought I'd wanted the target because it weighed slightly less. I knew that Ray's on Route 22 had the 6 7/8" Target, so off I went.

There was a problem with my paper. Seems I had my PO box on my driver's license, which might offend the BATF's notions of grasping conformance. So no purchase was made.

However, the sales clerk at Ray's made it very clear that he didn't care one rodentian hiney whether he sold me a gun or not, and snarled at me like he wished that me and my money would vanish.


On the other hand, the folks at the Sportsmen's Center on Route 130 in Bordentown were exceptionally courteous and helpful, even after a long hard day. So, even though the eyes weren't dotted, I laid away a brand-new Slabside.

Picked up the Slabside from the Sportsmen's Center yesterday, following some torture by the Committee for State Motor Vehicle Security. Plus three spare mags and a thumb saver, for about sixty extra bucks.

The Slabside feels great and shoots great, BTW. I'm very pleased about what I bought, and where I bought.

I might not be buying a lot of guns, but from now on the Sportsmen's Center gets my business and my recos.

- pdmoderator.

P.S. And as for Ray's... well, they oughta have a real good archery department, just by the way they give their customers the shaft.
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