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Every site, club, lodge, has its own rules. Whether you agree with them or not, if you brake a rule there normally is a consequence. That said, .... I do not have the power to ban anyone, period. I found out about him being ban while talking with Demming himself on the phone. I can assume that the reasons were.... (according to that boards rules.)
  • He was cautioned about the FLAME and continued the action after he was informed that he broke the rules. (i.e. it is a flame for many reasons, see below)
  • Made libel defaming allegations in the post without validating ANY facts.
  • He was forewarned about posting private messages, then continued to re-post the SAME message again and again. (Think about it, ... why would anyone save a post unless you knew it was against the rules and you didn't want to have type it all up again.)

I found out about the posting and phoned him late that night. We discussed the matter, said I would be shipping his rifle to him today. (and I did) AFTER we talked he went around and posted the same libel allegations, ... i.e. showing he was just out to cause problems and NOT for the reason that was claimed. If you read his post he "said" all he wanted was the rifle shipped..... obviously not true.

This was my response at another location to his libel defaming allegations....... (if you read it its NOTHING as he tries to allude in his .... hmmmm... "post."

The "serious mechanical problem" was a set of AK fire controls. The rifle was to be refinished, a set of fire controls, and comp installed. When I sent it back he claimed that it was "double firing once in a great while." I offered to send him a new set of controls... he declined and said he didn't know how to install them. I then suggested sending the rifle back and I would check it out. I test fired 40-60 rounds and was NEVER able produced a malfunction. I called and told him my results.

I had Jerry from Gordon technologies (the maker of the fire controls) call him to discuss the problem..... that didn't work. I called Mr. Demming and asked what would make him happy? He said he wanted Kvar fire controls instead, ... so I give them to him. That was the problem.. not at all what the allegation was trying to convey. We did everything we should have, and more. Mr.Demming has even agreed with this from our last phone conversation.

On anouther board this same person tried to
insinuate that we were a "ATF sting" operation! Links can be provided if needed. This should play a large part with credibility.

Its always best to know all the facts before making a jugdment. In light of the facts many people have agreed the intent of the post was not what it was claimed to be. Your milage may vary.
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