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Unhappy with Solstice Arms / G. Gucciano, Gunsmith

Appended below is the complaint I posted earlier today on
the AK bulletin board at: regarding
gunsmith Gary Gucciano, doing-business-as Solstice Arms.

Judge for yourself if this is a "flame" or a legitimate

A few hours later, I find that I am unable to access
this website ( Presumably,
my complaint was also instantly removed.

No wonder there are never any complaints regarding this
guy at this site!

I have also received an email message from Mr. Gucciano
warning me not to post his email anywhere because he
has "copyrighted it". He also says that he is
now returning my gun, but with the serious mechanical
problem unfixed. I do not want to state what the problem
is, but it does make the gun dangerous to use.
He described fixing the problems
with his work as "giving me free services" and that
there was no need for me to "attack" him. He characterized
my complaint as "harassment".

What can you say about all of this?

Here is the complaint that caused me to get
locked out of this site. By the way it was
posted on a forum described as a "board of


I am posting this complaint regarding Solstice Arms/Informer after
exhausting my patience. Those of you who look through the
email excerpts below will wonder how I managed to have as
much patience as I did.

I sent a rifle to SA/Informer about a year and half ago. It was
returned to me after about a year, but the work was incomplete.
I returned it, and SA/Informer completed the work and
returned it to me in a reasonable period of time. Unfortunately,
the gun came back with a mechanical problem. I do not believe the
mechanical problem was SA/Informer's fault, because it was probably
related to defective parts. I had to return the rifle to SA/Informer a
second time, and the defective parts were replaced in July.

My complaint is that I can't seem to get SA/Informer to return
my gun! I have posted below email excerpts from SA/Informer
showing repeated broken promises to ship the rifle. I counted
TEN times that shipment was promised or intended; every one
of these promises was broken. I know this sounds unbelievable,
that is why I have appended the actual emails from Solstice/Informer
documenting what happened.

My purpose in posting here is not to "flame" anyone. The only
thing I want is to get my rifle back. That is why
I have been very careful to give only the facts. Furthermore, the
work done by SA/Informer appears to me to be of high quality.
SA/Informer has also accommodated my requests for two changes to
the original order, and he once delayed shipping for a week while I was
out of town. I have also spoken with Informer on the telephone, and
found him to be a very reasonable and conscientious person.

What I want is my rifle returned. I post this complaint as a method
of last resort. If you read through the emails below, I believe you
will see for yourself what the problem is.

Excerpted emails from SA/Informer follow:

> July 18 [1st promise to ship]
> I'm currently waiting for them to arrive, and when they do (by Friday
> I was told) I will have them installed within the same day and the rifle
> will be shipped within a few day from that time. I'm assuming Monday
> is very realistic.
> July 26 [2nd promise to ship]
> Yes, my apologizes I have been extremely busy trying to complete a
> few other things I need to. I haven't shipped the rifle yet, but I will
> make sure its out in Mondays shipments. I do apologize for the short
> delay. If you don't receive notice of the shipping info by that evening,
> please e-mail me and Iíll get it right to you.
> July 30 [3rd promise to ship]
> I was intending on sending you an e-mail tonight pertaining to this
> subject. The rifle will be shipping out on Thursday...
> August 4 [4th promise to ship]
> Very sorry about the delay, no the rifle wasn't shipped as
> planned......Anyway, Its planned to ship Monday or Tuesday, that's
> going to be the best I can do at this point.
> (at this point, I had to ask for a one-week delay in shipping due
> to the fact that I was going to be out of town. Informer agrees
> to delay shipment on Aug. 12-13)
> Okay, Iím confirming the different ship date. Ship on the 12th or
> 13th.
> August 10 [5th promise to ship]
> Thats great, I take it your trip went well? I will be shipping the rifle
> Monday morning via USPS. Thanks again.
> August 14 [6th promise to ship]
> Sorry for the delay getting back with you. I had a few delays to deal
> with and I will not be able to ship anything until this Thursday. Your
> rifle will be shipping for sure on that day.
> August 21 [7th promise to ship]
> Sorry for the delay getting back with you. I have had some trouble
> getting things around and some rifles I HAD to work which caused me
> to have to delay a few things as well. (one being e-mail responses to
> people. although the post in the BIY forum requests 120 hours) I will
> be shipping your rifle this afternoon, or tomorrow... either way you
> will receive it before the weekend for sure.
> August 24 [8th promise to ship]
> My sincere apologizes. I have not been able to get anything out and
> shipped as I had planned. I will attempted to get your rifle out this
> morning, and will email you if I'm successful. If not, it will be Monday.
> August 28 [9th promise to ship]
> Yes, I got behind trying to take care of too many things at once. Your
> rifle will be shipping out tomorrow in our Thursday shipments.
> September 6 [10th promise to ship]
> I will get your rifle out Saturday, yet you will not receive it until
> Monday, possibly Tuesday.

Today is September 14, and I still have not received my gun.
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