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Got back my press today. I am impressed.

They changed the frame out to another frame, I initially didn't even notice this until I tried to remount the press on my bench only to find that it didn't line up. I'm not sure if they changed anything else out, but I get the feeling if the frame waranteed a change there's other stuff that I have not seen that is changed as well. There was some rust developing at some places and it seems as though they've taken care of that too.

The automatic powder drop and the primer system is up and running. It seems as though they threw in a the auto eject feature for me. They charged me for the powder drop, the primer feed, and an indexing sprocket. What they didn't charge me for was a new plateform with provisions for the auto eject, and one of their bins along with the piece of metal that redirects the finished cartriage down into the bin.

I'm going to give them a call to make sure they didn't send someone else's press to me on accident.

On a side note I was going to consider buying their strong mount to raise the press a little so I wouldn't be stooping down to reload. I was intending to do this, but the press came back before I had a chance. So I made a few trips down to home depot and was able to find some two blocks of wood that I ended up using to make my own version of the strong mount. Everything seems to be working out, but I haven't had a chance to turn out some rounds just yet.

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