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Rob Pincus
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you guys are killin' me.....

Sorry George, but I'm with Owen.
I've been a fan of paintball to varrying degrees since the Splatmaster first made it affordable for me to get started, but I've researched and handled the 303 and it is not a paintball gun. (note the period)

I'm due to be certified with the thing by November, with a full review coming in the pages of SWAT.

Personally, I love the idea of an easily deployable less than lethal option in the hands of an entry team member (or two) without depriving them of their primary weapon. Obviously, there are training issues, but that's what comes with options. Strap one of those suckers on the bottom of my M-4, its just another tool in the bag that appears to be easy to carry, well made and effective.

More Later.
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