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nyetter, go to You will find .45acp Speer once fired brass for $48 pre 1000, military $41.50 per 1000. has .45acp commercial brass for 42.50 per 1000. I like the quality of Speer brass. has once fired .40 brass for $17.50 per 1000. I bought both .45 and .40 brass from them. The brass I bought was fired from a supported chamber. Call them or email them( address and phone number posted at their site) and ask about their brass. At $17.50 per thousand, you don't have to be so worried about losing the brass.
John Kilgore, I didn't know you could fire a Glock out of battery. My Tanfoglio witness has an inertial firing pin safety that won't allow the gun to fire if out of battery. Do they know the gun went off out of battery, or are they speculating that is what happened?
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