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The above postings are good. I've had some cases let go in Glocks before. All were .40 or 10mm. Heed the warning in the Hodgdon manual about unsupported cases- they mean Glocks and the like !!!. The problem is not so much the case but the load in them. One of my co-workers had a Glock he was firing while attending the training academy disintegrate in his hand. Glock claimed it was the ammo's fault, MasterCartridge claimed it was the Glocks fault. They were both right !!! The ammo was loaded to 1050 fps with a 180 FMJ. It also was a starline case that had been loaded before and shot in a Glock before- (Starline's are thickest brass on market.- good, but also thick and soft, MasterCart. uses Starline in all their new ammo).
Hot reload, gun with unsupported feed ramp = hand grenade !!
Shooter got cut by flying pieces of grip frame and slide stop. Magazine was blown out on ground. Slide had to be beat off of frame w/ 16 oz. ballpeen hammer. Barrel and slide were bulged to point that barrel could not be removed from slide.
Evidently the case was bulged to point that it did not chamber completely and gun fired out of battery. I don't recommend that you do this with your Glock at home !!! (If you do, have EMS on stand-by).
We don't shoot reloaded ammo in Glocks any more. Glock dosen't warranty the guns if you use reloads in it even once !!!
We get the Remington UMC yellow box or the Federal American Eagle for qualification/practice. They only cost a little more than reloaded/remanufactured ammo on L.E. contracts and don't have the problems associated with bulged cases, ect. That is why you practically can't give away .40 S&W brass. If you need once fired brass for a .40 S&W , contact your largest local PD or State agency. They may just give you a thousand or so. It costs more to box, label, and ship the stuff than the scrap value on it. Hence the $20/M price. (primers are more than that ! and can't be reused !)
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