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Not to be rude, but this stuff is easy to figure out and will be more accurate if you do it yourself. The reason being, we don't know what you are going to want to load. We don't know what quantities you are going to buy in etc. By exploring the catalogs and websites, you can come up with an estimate of what YOU want to load. You can pick out what bullet looks good to you. If you have saved brass from factory ammo, then you don't have to consider that etc. Just look at the websites owned by the powder companies; Hodgdon, Alliant etc. You can find the loading data there. You can look at websites like or huntingtons or Graff and Sons. They sell everything you need to reload. Again, you pick the stuff you want to use and total it up. If you are unsure what bullet/powder/primer to use, do a search on here to see what some faviorite loads are. Again, the powder websites will be another source for that info.

By the way, there are 7000 grains of powder to the pound.

Not trying to be a smart a** just trying to get you the most accurate info possible.

If you are trying to save money, just like everything else, you need to buy in quantity. This takes more of an outlay of cash, but in the end saves you money. Also, when you need ammo or just want to relaod for something to do, you have the components there to do it. I actually see guys buying 100 primers at a time. I don't get that.
You know the rest. In the books you have read
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