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I've read here on tfl that if you send the press to dillon they will repair any damage or any rust that was on the press when it gets there. Might be worth the few bucks shipping, this is if the shop hasn't ordered anything as of yet. I'm waiting for dillon to send back the 450 so I can mention if they did take some of the rust damage off the press.

But either way, you're building on an already good press to an even better press.

Shipping wasn't bad either, I just took off the 450 primer system and put it into a box. What's weird is when I called dillon they told me that I shouldn't ship fedex because it gets expensive really quick, and that the return shipping would be in the neighborhood of $12 for ups ground. But then I took it to fedex it cost me $5 to send it fedex ground. So I'm confused yet again.

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