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Jack Carson
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Re: Earlier Dillon question

First, thanks to Steve Smith, UltimaSE, Swifter, rick_reno, Johnny Guest, Blackhorse and Gewehr98 for all your input. You guys really helped me out and I appreciate it.

After I finally got the picture it was a no-brainer for a guy on a budget...upgrade the 450 to a 550! For a little more than $200 I can turn the old loader into a more efficient 550 and send the rest to OSU for kid #1's education

What really sweetens the pot is that I found that the range that hosts our OKC IDPA matches is a Dillon dealer and will order the upgrade kit and help me get it all set up for the same $$ as if I ordered directly from Dillon. Sweet!!

Thanks again!
Jack C.
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