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Nice Load. I too cast a 120gr TC for pratice shooting in my 9mm's. In them I use 3.6 gr of Bullseye and just enough crimp to remove the flare and very slighyly more to eliminate any possibility of hanging on the feed ramps. I have loaded the exact load for the same purpose you do. With bullseye, little crimp is needed but a little helps. All you need is enough to allow easy chambering and a little more for a consisent bullet "pull" to allow for consistent ignition. I too get very good accuracy as my bullets have a .357-.358 diameter as cast. I load them lubed with Lee liquid alox and shoot them as cast. I seat them in the .38 with just a small amount of the bearing surface exposed ahead of the case neck. This increased bullet bearing surface inside the case increases the concentricity of the loaded rounds which is more inportant to accuracy than distance to chamber throat. The diameter of the chamber throat determines accuracy more than bore diameter within limits. A loose chamber is incurable (ie .360" or greater with .38 or .357 bore, whereas a .358 bore will shoot .357 bullets well if the throat is tight. As for match accuracy of this load, I've had great success in speed matches; as for efficacy on squirrel's, I'll have to plead the 5th as only .22 rimfires and shot guns are legal for squirrels in my state.
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