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I have found a couple of places to get decent gun leather cheap. Depending on how you plan on shooting a starter set can range from around 100 to 140. Much better than the 240-1600 I have seen for other stuff.
I just wanted useful and strong, not decked out with silver and bells.
I borrowed a single rig from a buddy from Maverick gun leather. They make good stuff, but I couldn't afford(or my wife wouldn't let me spend) the 300 bucks for a double rig(since I have shot and plan on continuing in the gunfighter class.) So I found has a lot of good holsters and belts for cowboy action shooting if you don't need a left and right handed holster, and belt. You can get two holsters and a belt for around 100 bucks though.
If you need the dual rigs for the gunfighter class, I just found a person on e-bay that sells them for around 120 to 130 plus 10 bucks for shipping. I just ordered mine and will let you know how it turns out but they have a lot of good feed back.
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