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Dave Williams
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a few comments/quetsions

Hi there, I haven't read the letter, but this is related,

Tomorrow I leave for my 3rd handgun class in the last calendar year(and I'm trying to figure a way to finance a 4th at the end of the month, I think I'm some kind of junkie). I've tried to recruit coworkers(people who carry guns for a living, in a busy inner city area), with a little success(got one to go with me). I've heard this from two others(paraphrasing): "It's a waist of money to go to those classes, you can learn everything they teach you by reading books, and practicing at the range by yourself." I'm totally serious.

I consider defensive gunhandling a martial art. How can you expect to learn a martial art from a book? Does anyone have similar experience with these type of people

Also, to show firearm myths are still alive and kicking,
I was showing a 1911 just yesterday to a nice older man I met who expressed an interest in guns. He said(paraphrasing)"we had those in the military 40 years ago, you have to hold on with two hands they kick so hard, or you won't hit anything". I told him military training was not very good back then and the modern methods taught now allow control with one hand. He was offended by this statement. He then told me the 1911 was made to blow Germans completely out of trenches in WWI. He really thought the gun was that powerful. It was an amazing conversation. Anyone have similar experience?

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