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Combat Mindset

I fired off a post to Denny about this BEM, because i figured this was a National Lampoon type of response.
I was disheartened to find out it was not.

And as he was obviously responding to my Mindset article, i was even more despondent.

Some people shouldn't be allowed to own guns- drive cars- procreate- operate machinery, or dress themselves.

The Combat Triad is comprised of three sides, each being necessary. Marksmanship is important, but so is Gunhandling and Mindset.
Of course you can do everything wrong and still win, but only if your opponent does more wrong than you.
Or you can do everything right and still lose, because your opponent did more right than you.

It pains me to see that there are so many people like him who fail to understand the basics, who despise training as if were some personal assault on their libido, and who flagrantly disregard even the basics of safe gun handling- and those that defend such negligence.

Of course i know of an incident that occured in Brooklyn in the mid 80's when an off duty Detective, faced with an armed carjacking of his POV, violated Rules 2 and 3, and shot himself in the butt.
The perp, after figuring out what had happened, laughed so hard that he was unable to complete the crime.

The world is full of BEM's...

Pat sends

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