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A rather curious chap. If he truly believed what he wrote, why was he reading S.W.A.T. Magazine? Perhaps (and hopefully) he merely overstated his case or hadn't thought through his (rather sad) opinion.

At the opposite end of the training-appreciation spectrum, I recently asked a lady to fetch my .45 from my car. She's a shooter so I had no qualms about her handling my Kimber.

She returned without my .45 saying, "I don't remember how to handle an automatic safely. Here, take my .357--it's loaded, of course." She held out her revolver (by the frame, cylinder open, handle toward me, barrel straight down).

As I took her revolver she said, "I know. You showed me and I practiced; but it's been too long." Then, with a twinkling eye she asked, "So when do we go to the range again?"

(Sigh! The "tribulations" of an instructor.... )
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