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"One more bit of introduction: I have never attended a Cowboy Action Shooting match, but I would like to some day."

What do you mean, "some day?" Why not next weekend? You sure ain't getting any younger. Most clubs have an introduction for new shooters. No amount of study and plinking will replace going to that first shoot.
Where are you at?
has club locators and all sorts of other information.

"Now, on to business: I have assembled a Cowboy action Shooting arsenal, and would like to hear from others what they shoot. Also, if you have any first hand experience with a Cowboy Action Shooting match, please share with me."

Read all sorts of stuff on the SASS Wire

Your "arsenal" is very typical, you need nothing else in the way of guns. You do need belt and holsters for the sixguns, a cattidge belt or belt slide to carry at least six better eight shotshells. You will seldom - not never, but seldom - have a sixgun or rifle reload on the clock. Carry a few .45s on your person, but you don't have to weight yourself down with a whole belt unless you just like the looks. Wear a reasonable cowboy wardrobe; plain jeans, check shirt, hat, and boots will get you started. There is always more to buy later. This gets the ladies interested, too.

You will need eye and ear protection as for any shooting. Use the very best in eye protection, there was a brief fad for old fashioned "granny glasses" but they are not enough protection. You will be shooting at steel targets at close ranges, there is a constant spatter of bullet fragments and birdshot.

Most stages will call for shooting all four guns, with a dramatic scenario and a specific course of fire. The rifle will usually be staged with magazine loaded and chamber empty somewhere on the firing line. The shotgun will be staged empty and open. The sixguns will normally start loaded with 5 each and holstered. They will be fired in succession, sometimes one immediately after the other, sometimes with a long gun in between. Shooting with a sixgun in each hand is the Gunfighter Category and requires experience and safety certification. There are two main rigs. One carries the strong side gun in straight draw position, the weak side gun in crossdraw. You MUST pivot on the crossdraw to avoid pointing the gun behind the line as it clears leather. I wear right and left straight draw holsters and make the shift when drawing the second gun.

CAS has the highest percentage of inexperienced shooters and therefore the most stringent safety regulations of any shooting sport I have done.

Join SASS, dues aren't much and the Cowboy Chronicle is entertaining and informative.

Oh, yeah, you gotta have an alias. With near 50,000 members I'd be surprised if there weren't already a "Sundance."

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