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Comments on one of the letters to the editor in the Oct. issue

I just have to comment on the guy who wrote to Denny about how he was sick of all the nonsense about how it is the shooter and not the gun, about how your brain is your most important piece of gear. He actually said that because he had a $2000 gun he was all set, and didn't need to worry about tactics and such. Or as he so eloquently put it "scurry for cover".


Is this guy on crack? Please tell me that you guys didn't just make him up to illistrate a point or something?

If he is real....


"I don't need to practice! I've got a $2000 gun!"

Got news for you buddy. I've seen a $3000 gun's extractor shear off in a match. I have seen 3 different AK47s jam, and it is arguably the worlds most reliable gun. So much for knowing how to clear malfs or transition drills.

I can't even begin to comprehend how anybody could seriously believe that you can PURCHASE skill.

Denny, maybe we should invite him out for our next 3 gun match? I would love to shoot in his squad. All 3 of my guns cost less than his pistol. I'm curious to see just how much skill he has bought.
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