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Sweet public range here

Our county just refurbished our public shooting range. They did an excellent job. I love living in western Iowa where they realize lots of people hunt and shoot.

The range has several handgun stations out to 50 yards. There are new tables for stuff and berms around the range.

The rifle range has one standing position where you shoot through concrete tubes for about 10 yards to the targets out to 150 yards. Also there are six more shooting tubes with really nice tables to use as a rest. The tubes keep people from shooting at each other.

The berms are very high so even a windy day don't mess up shooting. It is about a half hour drive to the east of Sioux City on a state highway to Correctionville, Iowa. When you run out of ammo, there is a river there that is full of catfish, making for a fun day of activities.

There is a private club in the area too, but it isn't as nice as the county range.
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