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TEES Course last week....

(yes, the same message was posted on Tactical Forums, but w/o the pic)

The course was outstanding.
I went in with minimal explosives experience (mostly during mis-spent youth or playing with EOD guys, no breaching) and almost no formal training (claymore fam course, etc). I am now confident about my ability to operate effectively as a breacher. Obvisouly, they did not make us experts in a week, but we spent 3 days learning the theory and practicing the basics (Handlers Course) and then did over 80 training breachers over the next 4 days (entry course). All the shots were recorded by the teams for training documentation. Everything from low-grade Detasheet lock charges right up to solid wall breaching was practiced. Differnet types ofwood, steel and glass were practiced on throughout the course. IED's were covered during the handlers course, as were ANFO bombs, including a practice shot with a 21 lb earthmover.

If you are in LE and your dept has or wants an explosive breaching program, I HIGHLY recommend TEES.

The quality of the instructors and professionalism of the presentation make me think that nay of their courses would be worthwhile.

AS a bonus, the Tactical Explosive ENTRY Course spent a lot of good time on Entry/CQB practice as well. Including full speed live fire multi-team shoot house breaches/clearing during both day and night.

I had the pleasure of being teamed up with two members of the Dutch SF (KCT) and two members of the GA State SWAT. For those of you who have been there (or are going), we missed the record on the Assault Course by significantly less than 1 second!

Look for the complete report in SWAT Mag sometime around the first of the year.
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