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Dave Williams
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They embrace "The Modern Technique Of The Pistol"

(I've heard) on LAPD SWAT. From pg 101 of Morrison's classic,

"The potential advantage of a high-capacity magazine seems questionable since most confrontations occur at close range, with good-sized targets, and are short in duration. If one makes proper hits, the situation will more than likely be handled with the cartridges in a single magazine."

I read on the net someone's training report in which they trained with some guys from LAPD SWAT, and supposedly they quoted chapter and verse from this book(which is a textbook on what is/was taught at Gunsite/API). I think some of their senior people were Gunsite/API instructors/students? There's some Gunsite knowledgeable people on this board, anyone know?

And I'm sure their armorer could throw on an Ambi for the lefties if need be.

Tamara, a local shop has the PRO model in at 2295. I almost sold my car to get it before common sense took over :-)

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