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LYMAN bullets` Ballistic Coefficients

I like calculating downrange ballistics for various
gun-cartridge combinations(you can learn really interesting
things when you compare the data).
I`d like to do some ballistics for several BP cartridges,
but to do this I need Ballistic Coefficients.
Can anyone tell me where on the Web or on TFL could I
find BCs for the following bullets?:
-300grains Lyman#415175 for 40-90 BULLARD
-365grains Lyman#446109 for 44-77 SHARPS & REMINGTON
-350grains Lyman#456192 for 45-75 WINCHESTER
-405grains Lyman#457124 for 45-90 WINCHESTER
-500grains Lyman#457125 for 45-120 SHARPS
-450grains Lyman#515141 for 50-110 WINCHESTER
-550grains Lead .451'' bullet for 45-110 SHARPS
-385grains Lead .446'' bullet for 43 MAUSER/ 11mmX60R
-337grains Lead .403'' bullet for 10,15mmX61R JARMANN
-285grains Lead .389'' bullet for 9,5mmX60R TURK.MAUSER

Any help will be appreciated
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